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Problem with the calendar module in Danish

  • Hi All

    I’m looking into the magic mirror again, now that the mirror piece is getting closer to being ordered.

    I just noticed that my language code in the config was set to da for danish, but it should be dk according to the yrthen module.

    But if I set the language code in the config to dk, the calendar will not load, it just shows loading, the YrThen module shows danish though.
    If I set it to da, the calendar is showing the right language, but then the weather is showing norwegian instead.

    So what is the correct language code, is it the YrThen module that is wrong?

  • @fribse Ok, I modified the MMM-YrThen.js so it checks for the language code da instead of dk, then it’s shown correctly, but which is it, is it da or dk for danish in MagicMirror, usually it’s da but who knows here?

  • Module Developer

    ‘dk’ is country code(ISO-3166) for Denmark.
    ‘da’ is language code(ISO-639) for Danish.
    They could be composed to present locale ‘da-dk’. That scheme is named as IETF language tag(RFC-5646)
    Ideally, ‘da’ should be used for linguistic identification . ‘dk’ should be used for location identification. But sometimes both are confused by mistakes or ignorance(of developer)

  • @Sean Gotcha, thankyou for clearing it up.
    So now @fmandal just needs to modify the files to reflect on da instead of dk 🙂

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