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MagicMirror project for sister

  • I’ve recently finished my sister’s magicmirror running a 27" monitor and pilkington mirropane chrome spy 4mm glass.
    Adopted many great modules (thank you authors!), added my own modules as well as embedded custom voice commands and a custom wake word.
    Run into m a n y issues during the whole process until it finally hang at the desired wall. (3 1/2 years 😕 due to stacked schedules)
    Funniest problem was that the mirror wasn’t able to recognise my sister’s voice, but had no problem with my deeper voice.


    • sdcard failure
      solution: replaced sd card, frequent sdcard image backups after bigger software changes, removed auto-restart every day and replaced it with auto-reload MM instead
    • MMM-GoogleMapsTraffic crashing the software
      solution: auto-reload MM twice a day
    • MMM-AssistantMk2 v2 having slow reaction time on first request (mirror start/reload)
      solution: added useWelcomeMessage: “hi” and simultaneously mute the sound output and put it back on after 60seconds
    • voice of sister not being recognised
      solution: raised mic sensitivity and added custom wakeword with her voice
    • performance and temperature
      solution: used a stretch and buster version simultaneously and let it run for a month - stretch version was slower, hotter and crashed 3 times
      buster was flawless and cooler / similar temperature (even without an active fan)

    used modules

    • weatherforecast by MichMich
    • currentweather by MichMich
    • mmm-systemtemperature by MichMich
    • compliments by MichMich
    • newsfeed by MichMich
    • calendar by MichMich 3x (customized)
    • MMM-pages by edward-shen
    • MMM-Remote-Control by Jopyth
    • MMM-AssistantMk2 by eouia (customized)
    • MMM-Hotword by eouia (customized)
    • MMM-Wunderlist by paviro (customized)
    • MMM-NetworkScanner by ianperrin (customized)
    • MMM-cryptocurrency by matteodanelli (customized)
    • calendar_monthly by KirAsh4 (customized)
    • MMM-GoogleMapsTraffic by sdetweil (customized)
    • custom modules:

    MMM-Page has 3 pages configured - normal screen | fullscreen google maps | “guest screen”, hiding calendar, todo,… - module is controlled by MMM-AssistantMk2

    currently running beside the MM software

    • flask webserver
    • openvpn for maintenance
    • python script that searches for devices in her network (smartphone, notebook) to detect if someone’s home and therefore turns the display on - otherwise display is off
    • the same script also restarts the mirror in case of getting 80 degrees and restarts the openvpn connection on failure


    • Raspberry Pi 3b+
    • Transcend Ultimate microSDHC 8GB Class 10 UHS-I
    • kinobo mini akiro usb microphone
    • 27" fullhd monitor AOC i2770PQ
    • spy-mirror-glass Pilkington Mirropane Chrome Spy 4mm

    enough issues, here’s the mirror and a live demonstration:
    alt text

    alt text

    alt text

    alt text

    alt text

    alt text

    alt text

    Pictures and Files:

    video was recorded with the stretch version and rpi3b

    I am also running a “terminal” on my desk with an old netbook display and MM software and will soon finish my own mirror.

  • Project Sponsor

    You‘re sister will love you forever! Absolutely gorgeous job! I‘d be interested in the script for presence detection. Any GitHub link you can provide?

  • sure, might not be great, but it works well for me:

    Might not work with every smartphone, for example, it works well with my Samsung Galaxy S8, but not without turning deepsleep off at my parents S7. Also did not work properly on my Sisters Huawei P20. Tried every setting but Android does turn Wifi off although “keep wifi alive even in standby” setting is active.
    Just added my sisters Laptop IP and so far, it’s working fine at her place.

    Added a picture of the mounted mirror:

  • Project Sponsor

    @blaukon thanks! Will check it out.

  • @blaukon said in MagicMirror project for sister:

    dded a picture of the mounted

    nice work,never got the Google to work ,will try it again later

  • awesome stuff… if you wouldnt mind showing some config files… my assistant doesnt work aswell as yours, also with the googlemapstraffic do you need to buy an api from them of is there a free version? also the ring my phone feature is really cool, how did you achieve this?


  • sure 🙂
    Uploaded my config.js and custum.css files (

    You have to add your credit card to use googlemapstraffic, but you’ll have a free contingent per month which I never exceeded.
    The ring my phone thingy is already implemented in the original google-assistant - as long as you use the same google account, you might have to grant the rights to use this function.

  • @blaukon

    Thanks alot 🙂

  • hi again,

    loking at your video and i was wondering how you got hotword or assistant to show the speech to txt? with mine i say the hotword followed by command which brings up the assistant rather than automatically onsceen like yours. i hope this makes sense to you!


  • @banbutcher hey, I’m using Version 2 from and the newest version of Removed the presence on the mirror of both when nothing is decected and I belive that’s all I’ve changed 🙂

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