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Several issues when using pages

  • Module Developer

    I am trying to build a dashboard with several pages and I recognize general issues with several modules when e.g. MMM-pages is activated.
    For one of my modules I have heard of the same issues using MMM-page-selector, so I think it is not a module-specific issue but rather issues originating from the show() and hide()-methods

    • Some modules do not show at all. (MMM-Keyboard, MMM-WeatherBoy). They are suspended but for some reason not resumed. The region does not seem to make a difference.

    • MMM-Bring, which has a touch function, does not work properly within a page. The implemented .onclick-method of the divs only seems to work once, then not anymore wherever I click.
      The module works as intended when I deactivate MMM-pages.

    Can anyone confirm this odd behaviour or does anyone know a reason for that?

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