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MMM-Keyboard (a virtual touch keyboard)

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    Naaaa nanana Nana Nana
    You can touch this!

    As part of a bigger project to build a touch kitchen dashboard, I programmed a virtual touch keyboard based on the npm module simple-keyboard.
    This module can basically interact with every other module using the MM notification system!



    example screenshot


    • working with MM’s notification system (see below), can interact with every other module you can think of! (the notification function needs to be programmed into the module)
    • supports en and de locales, more on request
    • standard and numeric keyboard supported

    Working with the Keyboard

    Opening the keyboard

    The keyboard works with MagicMirror’s notification system. You can broadcast notifications from another module using the following parameters

    this.sendNotification("KEYBOARD", {
        key: "uniqueKey",
        style: "default"

    The payload of the notification must be an object containing two parameters:
    key: You can use any unique key, it is advised to use the module name. MMM-Keyboard will take the key and send it back for the module to understand it.
    style: Use “default” or “numbers” here

    Receiving data

    As soon as you hit the “SEND!”-Button the keyboard sends back the written content using the format

    this.sendNotification("KEYBOARD_INPUT", {
        key: "uniqueKey",
        message: "test"

    You can fetch this message by checking for the key component. Here an example:

    notificationReceived : function (notification, payload) {
        if (notification == "KEYBOARD_INPUT" && payload.key === "uniqueKey") {

    Implemented modules

    • MMM-Bring (PR prepared, not implemented into master yet)


    • MMM-Todo
    • an own Timer / Alarm module

    For further implementations, contact me or send it as an issue here!


    Thanks to @jheyman for alpha testing and Francisco Hodges for the beautiful simple-keyboard npm module!

  • @lavolp3
    I can’t thank you enough for building this, I have now completed my touchscreen dashboard using this, and it was an integral part in making it useful, to add things to my shopping list directly on the screen 👍


  • Module Developer

    @jheyman Thanks for the nice words and happy it works! Looks great!

  • Module Developer

    This module is now integrated into MMM-Bring.

    Currently working an adaption Microsoft ToDo with keyboard support .

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