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remoteFile in compliments module

  • Hey,

    the compliments module has a new feature to pass a json file with compliments through a remoteFile argument in the config. Has that worked for anyone yet? My mirror keeps showing the default values from the compliments.js. I’ve pulled the newest version of the compliments.js from github, but my remoteFile argument in the config.js keeps being ignored… Has anyone played with that yet successfuly?


  • @skr the remotefile is currently only supported in the develop branch

  • perfect thanks, still finding my way around this world… will give the dev brach a try then. thanks!!

  • @skr

    cd ~/MagicMirror
    git fetch
    git checkout develop
    npm install

  • hey,

    on the development branch it doesnt work either (git confirms i’m really on the dev branch and files also look like the ones on github). it defaults to the standard values in the module and seems to ignore the remote file argument – but I really dont know javascript (and lack the time atm to get into it), so cannot really debug it. does anyone have it up and running, just to make sure that I’m doing something wrong?


  • @skr I have it running, but then again I developed the remote file capability. So “it works on my machine” is accurate, but not exactly helpful. 🙂

    One thing I was not able to get working properly was making the array names work the same way between the config.js and the external file. You must surround the array names (morning, evening, afternoon) with quotes in the external file. This is different then how work in the config.js. This catches a few people. Check out the compliments module documentation for examples.

    If that’s not your issue, post the compliments config from your config.js and your external file here and I’ll take a look at it.

  • @bhepler HOW???

    @schlachtkreuzer6 said in Compliments - remoteFile - How to?!:

    Hey guys, i need some help with the remoteFile for the compliments. I tried this:

    module: 'compliments',
                      position: 'lower_third',
                      config: {
                          updateInterval: 15000,
                          compliments: {
                          remoteFile: '~/MagicMirror/modules/default/compliments/remote_compliments.json',
                          morning: [
                                             'Guten Morgen!',
                                             'Wie hast du geschlafen?',
                                             'Ich wünsche dir einen schönen Tag!'
                                             ], ...

    but it´s not working.

    Content of remote_compliments.json:

                "morning" : [
                      "Du siehst aber gut aus heute !",
                      "Gut geschlafen ?",
                      "Moin, Moin...."
                 "afternoon" : [
                     "Ab Fussball spielen !",
                     "Lass uns auf den Abend vorbereiten....",
                      "Musik hören ?"
                 "evening" : [
                      "Einen Cocktail ?",
                      "Wow, Du bist aber heiss heute...",
                      "Wollen wir heute abend weggehen ?"

  • @schlachtkreuzer6 your json file looks good to me, but i would try to change your config

      module: 'compliments',
      position: 'lower_third',
      config: {
        updateInterval: 15000,
        remoteFile: 'remote_compliments.json'
    1. the remoteFile has to be in the config object and not nested in the compliments object
    2. it makes no sense to have another compliments in the config, because those will be completely overwritten by using a remoteFile
    3. after a look in the code, it uses this.file(this.config.remoteFile) which will generate the correct path, so if you place the remotefile in the compliments directory you should only have to put the name with the extension in there.

  • @strawberry-3.141 thanks for your advice, i tried it but nope ^^
    If i only use the remote file, MM stuck loading the other modules down blow. so first, alert, cock, clalendar, compliments but the modules later on are not showing up.

      "module": "compliments",
      "position": "lower_third",
      "config": {
        "compliments": {
          "remoteFile": "remote_compliments.json",
          "morning": [
            "Guten Morgen!",
            "Wie hast du geschlafen?",
            "Ich wünsche dir einen schönen Tag!"
          "afternoon": [
            "Guten Tag!",
            "Du schaust gut aus!",
            "Wie war dein Tag!"
          "evening": [
            "Guten Abend!",
            "Na wie war dein Tag?",
            "Du warst heute fleßig!"
        "updateInterval": 15000


          "morning": [
         "afternoon": [
         "evening": [

  • @schlachtkreuzer6 do you get any errors in the electron console?