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Tokyo metropolitan transport module

  • Hi everyone,
    I’m not sure if anyone has attempted this, but I couldn’t find anything. Tokyo seems to be missing from the list of places that have a metro transport module. Quite striking, considering it’s the largest metro area in the world.

    Is there a reason for that? Copyright or reverse-engineered API issues? I just quickly checked, at least for Tokyo Metro there is a convenient JSON API that one could access. This would at least cover train status (normal / delays / disruptions). This would probably be enough since intervals between trains are crazy short already, so there’s little need for a module that specifically shows the next train (in my opinion, that is).

    If there’s no specific reason for Tokyo missing such a module, I might give creating one a shot (recently moved there for an exchange, and now am bored waiting out Corona). So if you’d like to see such a module, please like / comment! Also if you’d be willing to work together 😉

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    @dbahn25 said in Tokyo metropolitan transport module:

    If there’s no specific reason for Tokyo missing such a module

    There’s no reason Tokyo was excluded. These types of modules are usually made by someone that wants it for their own location, then they graciously share it for anyone else that finds it useful.

    I might give creating one a shot

    Fantastic idea! 👍

  • And u can always look at how someone did theirs. The license we use says u have rights to use and extend

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