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Update available 2997 commits behind

  • Hi there,

    I have a Magic Mirror that I was working with last year. I tried to recover this project but the Mirror gives me a warning on the top that says:

    MagicMirror update available
    Your actual installation is 2997 commits behind from the Master Branch.

    I tried to upgrade with git pull but nothing happened.

    I have noticed that there is a new version:

    Do I need to re-install the software again or is there a way to updated in a different way?

    (You’ll proably need to know the version of my MagicMirror, how do I find out which version do I have?)

    Many thanks in advance!

    Cheers, JD

  • @Canguingo run my upgrade script


    Read the readme for the commands to issue

  • Thank you Sam. But this doesn’t solve the issue. At least if I follow the instructions from the

    It says update available. but how to update it? isn’t there a line of code to run and update it every time this shows up?

  • @Canguingo to update from my scripts is a 2 step process, right? will do the git pull and npm install, and refresh npm setup for any modules that might need it
    it should handle all the work… and give you a trial run of all that…
    only applying changes if u request them

    give it a try this works on Mac as well, cut/paste this line into the terminal window on your device

    bash -c "$(curl -sL"
    ------> no changes are made to the local repo or the working copy  < ---------
    if you WANT to actually apply the changes, cut/paste this line into the terminal window on your device
    bash -c "$(curl -sL" apply
    there is a log file (upgrade.log) in the MagicMirror/installers folder…

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