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Is it possible to have CSS for normal screens and a custom CSS for 7in screen?

  • Currently I do not have a custom CSS defined. Only using default CSS.

    What I would like to do is determine screen size and if large screen use my existing CSS.
    If 7" screen (or smaller) I only want to display clock, current weather, and forecast vertically.

  • @Radnor you could write a script to start magic mirror (in place of the script we use today)… and have two css and two config.js, renaming/copying per the requirements (I would copy over every time, then i can’t get out of synch)

    you could add code to config.js and make variables u set for small/large and use those to turn on/off the disabled value for selected modules.

    nothing exists out of the box,

    I think the xrandr command will tell you the size of the display

    xrandr  -q| grep  connected

    returns (for my dual monitor system)

    DVI-I-1 connected primary 1920x1080+0+0 (normal left inverted right x axis y axis) 598mm x 336mm
    DVI-D-1 connected 1920x1080+1920+0 (normal left inverted right x axis y axis) 521mm x 293mm

    on my pi4 with 4k tv

    xrandr --display :0 -q | connected is 
    HDMI-1 connected primary 3840x2160+0+0 (normal left inverted right x axis y axis) 708mm x 398mm

  • @sdetweil thank you for the reply. But I think I lead you down the wrong path looking for my solution…

    I have MM running on a RPI it’s started by a small script running “npm start”. There it displays all of the info I am looking for. Works GREAT!!!

    When I connect to it from a DIFFERENT machine is where I want to detect the screen size and adjust accordingly.
    Typing the address in as from my laptop display all info (same as RPI). But, if I connect and the screen is small (phone, kindle fire, 7" screen, etc) just show time, date, weather, and forecast.

    I started down the path of (window.size in js) but made my config file very angry. Did not try @media in css yet.

    With the COVID and the stay at home thing, have lots of time to explore…

    Thank you again and be safe!

  • @Radnor ah well, THAT is a completely different kind of problem.

    config is loaded for each browser, just once for the node_helpers

    u can turn off modules by setting their disabled property to true
    and config.js is code, SO you could do this

    there is a variable available at config load time outerWidth (and outerHeight)

    so you could use them to programatically set disabled true and change positions

    var small_size=800   // this in front of config=  
                                       // rather than coding 800 in all the spots, only one place to change it

    for example

       module: calendar,
       position: outerWidth == small_size ? 'upper_right':'upper_left',
       disabled: outerWidth == small_size ? false:true,

    if u change the main.css to use view size instead of fixed pixels the screen can shrink to fit…
    (i have a view based main.css if u want to try it)
    every module may have to be modified for view size

  • @sdetweil I will try that little later today. Yes, I like the idea of setting a var too.

  • @sdetweil In my config.js file I tried screen.width outerWidth with no luck. Would you mind some code from your main.css?

    Tried window.xxxxx too without luck.

  • @Radnor exactly as my sample shows… no screen, no window

    just outerWidth (case sensitive)

  • @Radnor to debug, npm start dev
    in the developer window, select the sources tab, select config.js on the left
    find the 1st line, click on the number on the left column, it will turn blue, now have a program stop
    hit f5 to refresh the page, it will stop at that line… you can hover over variables and it will tell u the values.
    you can explore the variable on the right, global, scroll down

    I assume u are running electron browser (its the default)
    this is firefox.
    Screenshot at 2020-04-27 13-47-36.png
    and electron (with the hover)
    Screenshot at 2020-04-27 13-50-56.png

  • @sdetweil hang on… I see the bug on loading at node_helper time…

    change it like this to capture the undefined error at startup

    var width = 0
    try {

    var config={ etc

  • in the config.js it does not like outerWidth. shows errors as loading up. It DOES get the correct value though…

    I have at the top of my config file:

    var small_size = 800;
    var ss = outerWidth;

    In debug mode I can see both vars getting their respective values.

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