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Question about calendar

  • Hello everyone,
    I would create a MagicMirror , but I prefer Google Calendar for my calendar.
    Can I adopt Google Calendar in the module of MagicMirror?

    Thanks a lot,

  • Moderator

    You can import your Google Calendar into the Calendar module. On mine I have three calendar’s get are being pulled in and displayed: the default US Holidays one, my (private) personal Google calendar, and my Facebook Friends’ Birthdays calendar.

    however, if it’s the actual Google Calendar interface you are looking for, that does not exist … yet. You are welcome to write your own module and implement it, or you can make a module request. If there is enough interest, I’m sure someone will (help) write one.

  • Thanks @KirAsh4

    How I can import my Google Calendar into Calendar module?
    What should I change?

  • Moderator

    In its simplest form:

        config: {
            calendars: [
                    url: 'webcal://'
                    url: ''

    To get your Google Calendar link, look in your calendar settings. You want to use the private ICAL address. Note that it will only display what is on the default calendar. The way Google split Birthdays from the default calendar makes it so those don’t show up (and they aren’t providing an ICAL link to the Birthdays one either - this is a major complaint from many.) And if you have multiple calendars created, you need to include each one separately.

  • Hi @KirAsh4 , thanks for the info! I am running into an issue with combining multiple calendars.

    I have successfully added my Google calendar by replacing calendarlabs default with my personal ical address. However, I still want to US Holidays to show. I am only seeing my personal google calendar showing with the following code. I even tried rearranging the order, but it doesn’t seem to want to show Holidays. Memorial Day isn’t showing up, but my personal meeting much further in the future are showing. Are you putting both calendars into the config.js and the calendar.js file?

    calendars: [
    				symbol: "calendar",
    				url: "",

  • Moderator

    @patm189, my config is in the post above yours. I actually have 3 calendars listed that way.

  • Thank you @KirAsh4. You’ve been very kind 😉

  • I have successfully added Google Calendar to my Mirror, however on my listings all I get is BUSY 3 DAYS; BUSY 3 MONTHS.

    No specific details on events.

    I did go into Calendar settings and make my calendar public.

    Anything I might be doing wrong?

  • Also a question.
    I have two entries at one day.
    Only one is displayed…

    No one is private
    Any ideas ?

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