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MMM-NetworkScanner No Devices

  • Hi - I am a newbie. Had to redo MM and all Modules, including NetworkScanner. I did the install procedures as laid out.

    One thing I couldn’t do was updating the vendor databases using the:
    cd /usr/share/arp-scan
    sudo get-iab -v -u
    sudo get-oui -v -u

    When I try those commands, it says “unknown option u” and it also gives another default URL. When I drop the -u and http, it says it can’t get both the OUI and IAB data.

    The module works, but shows no devices in MM. I ran the script manually and it does show a list of devices but none appear in MM. the arps2mm script also tells me it can’t find the iab.txt and oui.txt file which is not surprising since it’s not there.

    So how do I get the said text files, and hopefully this solves my issues? Thanks in advance.

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