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Reasonable Size for Mirror

  • So I just finished configuring my first Mirror and this is what I have so far:


    The monitor I am using now measures at 17" x 11" and I feel that it isn’t going to be very big/useful when it is mounted and all.

    I am planning on hanging this in my dorm room, so I would like to be able to read the modules from a decent distance away.

    I recently found a used 24" Dell monitor for $40, and also have access to a 32" TV.
    Is going with a 32" overkill? I think that the TV may be way too thick to reasonably deal with and it wont be worth my time.

    Overall, what are your feelings on monitor size? I dont plan on adding any more modules. Should I stick with my 11 x 17, go to the 24", or maybe find a 27" monitor?

    I am open to any suggestions and orientations!


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    Most of my mirrors have been in the 23"-24" range. I’ve also found that you’ll end up standing in front of it anyway just because it’s kind of neat to see it in action. And if image size is an issue, you can usually address that through some experimenting with the custom.css file.

    For $40, I’d go with the larger monitor. If your budget is tight, just be aware that the larger glass/acrylic is going to cost more.

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    I also had an idea on not adding many modules and keeping it clean. But then I kept adding useful modules as time passed. And I never use it as a mirror because a regular mirror is slightly better. Mine is 24". Bigger would definitely be ok, but smaller would be too small imo.

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