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Default Module: Weather Forecast

  • Why weather forecast won’t show


    This is my config:

                        module: 'weatherforecast',
                        position: 'top_right',
                        header: 'Wettervorhersage',
                        classes: 'small bright', // Add your own styling. Optional.
                        config: {
                                location: 'location',
                                locationID: '121212121',  //ID from
                                appid: 'xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx',
                                maxNumberOfDays: 10,
                                animationSpeed: 2000,
                                fade: true,
                                fadePoint: 0.25,
                                appendLocationNameToHeader: true,
                                showRainAmount: true,

    Any ideas?

    Edited By Moderator: App Id removed from the code snippet. Please try not to post your API tokens and secrets in a public forum. 🙇

  • Moderator

    Oh, the developer branch has this option. If you are on the developer branch, then maybe there is no rain at that day/days?

    if (this.config.showRainAmount) {
    				var rainCell = document.createElement("td");
    				if (isNaN(forecast.rain)) {
    					rainCell.innerHTML = "";
    				} else {
    					rainCell.innerHTML = forecast.rain + " mm";
    				rainCell.className = "align-right bright rain";

  • @yawns

    Thank you, actually no developer branch installed.

  • @lolobyte after

    showRainAmount: true

    remove comma

  • Moderator

    You are right, the comma is redundant, but it doesn’t do any harm in this environment. In this case it did not work because lolobyte was running a MagicMirror version which did not have this feature. 🙂

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