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Problem for MMM- Assistant

  • Hi everyone. I have a problem with my magic mirror and more precisely with MMM-Assistant I installed a mirror from this tutorial and when I start the mirror then in the upper right corner I have such an icon and it flashes you can see it’s in the picture. When I say “ok google” into the microphone, nothing happens. How to fix it?

    I have Rasberry piB + microphone for usb

  • Hi, this video is outdated (2018)

    now, new assistant official video is there

    more information about the new version is there


  • I could not update the assistant goggles because I already had such a catalog. So I removed it, the update was good, but after the update, when I turn on the mirror, it is a black screen and the cursor can only be seen, the thread can not be seen anymore and it still doesn’t talk …

  • try this:

    pm2 stop all
    cd ~/MagicMirror
    npm start

    copy and past all log there

    note for copy use CTRL MAJ C

  • It didn’t work, it’s still a black screen and one more thing that I can’t turn on this menu with the Alt button, all I have to do is start the windows button and I have to run the rasbery again to get to the files. He has one more problem because when he enters the command
    vi ~ / .asoundrc
    it’s something that appears to me (picture 1) and when I press enter, something like that appears to me (picture 2) I can’t edit this file in any way, I just open it mc (norton comander), but some stupid things come out (probably not file format) how can I open and edit this file correctly ??1.JPG 2.JPG

  • 3.JPG

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