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MMM-NLDepartureTimes - Shows departure times of all line numbers grouped by destination of a group of stops.

  • Hello,

    I’ve created a second module called MMM-NLDepartureTimes. This module shows the departure time at hubs and or group of stops where the departure time is grouped by destination in the Netherlands. Ideal if you use a hub that has multiple lines to your destination.


    Here you see the hub Leidschenveen with the departures time of light-rail 3 and 4, Metro E, and street car 19. You can directly see when a light-rail or metro to Den Haag, or the street car to Leidschendam leaves.

    Configuration opions
    You can configure of which stops a hub exists and which lines to group on wich order.

    A hub is what you define as a hub. You select the stops in an area you want to use and give it a name. In this example line 3,4 to Den Haag, line 3,4 to Zoetermeer, line E to Den Haag, and line E to Rotterdam are 4 stops on different locations.

    The destination is also what you want. You can give the destination a name you like and select the lines that you want to see there. Here the stop for line 3,4 and the stop for line E to Den Haag are grouped. Even though all 3 lines have a different end point, they have a stop around Den Haag Centraal. Line E to Slinge is grouped in Rotterdam alone.

    I think I managed to write down how to find your proper codes called TPCs. Configuration is very quirky because the data supplied is raw and extended.

    Any feedback is welcome!


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