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Film vs Acrylic

  • So I’m making my first mirror and I am trying to keep it as cheap as possible. I have decided that the cheapest options are either film to go over glass, or a two-way sheet of acrylic.

    I currently have a 23" monitor and would like to make it full screen, so my dimensions are 13x22".

    Would you recommend going with a film such as the Gila (link text) or this (link text)
    or should I go with a two-way acrylic such as this: link text?

    An recommendations would be greatly appreciated!

  • I would suggest glass as it is more sturdy & durable.

  • esilfies I would recommend “glass”, the nr. 2 link in your post ! and also as suggested by “pandeyprakhar00” he has made a wonderful MagicMirror with glass as well.
    So best of luck and hope it becomes easy for you !

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    My first mirror was with two-way acrylic and I would recommend glass instead. After I assembled my frame, the wood expanded in the humidity and pushed the acrylic on the sides, giving it a slight funhouse mirror effect.

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