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MMM-Flashcards - Module to help you learn

  • Module Developer


    A MagicMirror module for learning with Flashcards method. A flashcard is a card where on one side of there is the question and the other side the answer. it is a sort of implementation of the Leitner System.

    How it works

    (This module requires (Thanks to @LAVOLP3 for his fantastic works) )

    First, you must provide the collection of flashcards in the module config file. Multiple collections is possible.
    Then, the module displays a random question.
    You can flip the card to display the answer by pressing “Home” key.
    If the answer was what you thought, you can press “RightArrow”.
    If you gave the wrong answer press “LeftArrow”.
    The module will display another flashcard. And so on…

    You can change collection by pressing “UpArrow” or “DownArrow”.


    question side
    answer side


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