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Need help from an CSS expert!

  • I’m a complete novice to CSS and momentary it’s all Greek for me. I would like to change an existing style sheet provided by BenRoe (MMM-FHEM) for my own modul, but it would take me days to find the right code to change it to the layout below. An expert would presumably spend only a few minutes to create the necessary css file.

    Below the existing display and style sheet of temperature values plus the layout I would like to realize.

    Any hint how to start or assistance would be highly appreciated!

    Thanks in advance.

    alt text

    .MMM-M2-Pimatic .flex-container {
      display: flex;
      display: -webkit-box;
      display: -moz-box;
      display: -ms-flexbox;
      display: -webkit-flex;
      flex-wrap: wrap;
      flex-direction: column;
    .MMM-M2-Pimatic .module-content .flex-item {
      flex-direction: column;
      /*margin: auto;*/
    .region.left .MMM-M2-Pimatic .flex-container, .MMM-M2-Pimatic .flex-container,
    .region.right .MMM-M2-Pimatic .flex-container {
      flex-direction: column;
      -webkit-flex-direction: column;
      align-items: flex-start;
      -webkit-align-items: flex-end;
      max-width: 300px;
    .region.left .MMM-M2-Pimatic .flex-container .flex-item > div, .MMM-M2-Pimatic .flex-container .flex-item > div,
    .region.right .MMM-M2-Pimatic .flex-container .flex-item > div {
      flex-direction: column;
      display: inline-block;
      min-width: 70px;
    .MMM-M2-Pimatic .flex-item .title {
      border-bottom: 1px solid #666;
    .region.left .MMM-M2-Pimatic .flex-item .title, .MMM-M2-Pimatic .flex-item .title,
    .region.right .MMM-M2-Pimatic .flex-item .title{
      border-bottom: none;
    .MMM-M2-Pimatic .flex-item .value {
      display: inline-block;
      margin: 10px 5px;
    .region.left .MMM-M2-Pimatic .flex-item .value, .MMM-M2-Pimatic .flex-item .value,
    .region.right .MMM-M2-Pimatic .flex-item .value{
      margin: 0;
      font-size: 1em;
    .MMM-M2-Pimatic .value i {
      margin-right: 8px;
      font-size: 0.75em;

  • Module Developer

    @Mr.Sponti odd that nobody has said something here yet. Anyways a hint on how to start is read a tutorial about flex boxes, since he is using that. This is in my opinion always a good one. Hope this helps! Let me know if you are able to figure it out on your own or if you need my help 🙂

    Note: I am no expert, but I do know my way around in css.

  • Project Sponsor Module Developer

    @Mr.Sponti I guess changing the flex-direction from column to row of the container should be a good starting point

  • Module Developer

    @strawberry-3.141 I didn’t want to spoil the fun of learning it 🙂 😛

  • @tosti007 , @strawberry 3.141 - ok, you all right, it is not a failure to investigate a bit time to consult the internet and to learn new things!
    I found and implemented a solution based on a table definition:

    alt text

    That’s was exactly what I was looking for!

  • Module Developer

    @Mr.Sponti Good to hear that you have what you were looking for 😃 Looks nice!

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