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Pi Freezes

  • hi,
    my pi freezes almost every 3 hours.
    I guess its about the Modules I use; I would suspect MMM-GroveGesture or Pages.

    Please tell me what Information I should share with you 🙂

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    @rxlDavid which other modules are installed?

    • default modules like clock calendar…
    • internet-monitor
    • MMM-GroveGestures
    • MMM-Mail
    • MMM-page-indicator
    • MMM-pages
    • MMM-PublicTransportHafas
    • MMM-quote-of-the-day
    • MMM-SystemStats
    • MMM-WiFiPassword

    and some other which i dont use, i will uninstall them later -done

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    @rxlDavid disable all the 3rd Party modules and enable them one by one to see which module causes to freeze the MM. That is the he easiest approacjh. If you suspect GroveGestures and pages then disable them first, restart MM and see what happens. From my experience it’s not to blame only one module. It happens that the combination of two modules that don’t play well together can be the cause. I had this recently with MMM- Rain-Map and MMM-Google-routes. Each of them runs fine, both together let my RPi freeze.

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