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Start/Stop a pm2 script with Notifications of a module?

  • Hey guys 🙂 I have a MM with a Pi Cam and two modules, that use the Cam. One Face-Rec-Module and a Selfie-Module.
    The cam cannot be used in two processes, right? The Face Reg Module does have a pm2 .sh script, that activates the Cam and uses it for all time. I was able to stop this pm2 thing to make a selfie and activate it after the Selfieshot. But is it possible to stop the pm2 with button and MMM-OnScreenMenu? I could´t find a way to start/stop the pm2 with a notificatiion or something 🙂
    THX for help guys! 🙂

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    @thetobyde - I think you can accomplish this with MMM-NotificationTrigger. That module lets you process notification messages and execute commands in response. It should be pretty easy to execute pm2 commands with it.

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