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How to display FontAwesome Icons in default Calendar Module Entrys

  • Hello everyone.

    I am accessing my Google Calendar over Googles Api. I am trying to figure out how to display FontAwesome Icons inside a calendar entry. Beeing able to display Icons with reoccuring events (like trashcan days) would be very neat and helpful. Is there any way I can get this done? I tried a few different Syntax formattings already but I couldnt figure out yet how to do it. Any help is appreciated!

  • Module Developer

    @SaltyRiver You could use the “replace” function of the calendar. you are to able to do it the usual font-awesome way (giving the element a class). I guess you would have to work with glyphs. But I’m not common about that.

    OR: Just use an emoji. They can be displayed on the mirror.
    There should be a 🗑️ emoji somewhere in the net…

  • @lavolp3 Thanks a lot for your reply. Even with your tips though I cant manage to get it to work. Even emojis wont display. When I copied yours into my a appointement in my google calendar it just gets shown as a missing icon rectangle on my mirror. What am I doing wrong?

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