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My Mirror

  • Ok, Here is my Mirror. Still some minor adjustment to fix but it works fine. Thanks everyone here for idéas and inspiration.

    I use (amongst others)

    RSS Feeds for the food in Swedish schools

    And it is connected to my Synology Survelince station connecting with the HTTP post of the Remote control module commands. If I switch on my camera the screen will switch off.

    alt text

    My project log is here (In Swedish)

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    1. Is your screen that small or did you add a big margin-right/margin-left by intention?
    2. You used a mirror foil, no “real” mirror glas, right? At least it looks like there are some small bubbles.
    3. In my opinion there is too much information on screen, especially in the middle which is “ruining” the mirror aspect.

  • I added some space on each side on purpose. The monitor is smaller. (24") Not sure now if that was a good idéa. I used foil and there will be bubbles. Did it several times but is is hard to make it perfect. I have just made a test and I might change the layout later. It is more difficult to change the frame it self…

  • Those bubble and dust are hard to avoid when applying the film. I followed this instructional film on youtube and made a huge improvement to my own mirror.

    Watch the whole thing and I’m sure you’ll see a big improvement next time you try it.

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    @planet4 tycker det är helt okej återspegling med tanke på att det är folie! Om du vill bättra på det så åk till närmsta glasmästare och fråga om dom köper glas från Pilkington. De tillverkar ett par olika tvåvägs speglar, inte jättedyrt och det går inte jämföra folien och en riktig tvåvägs-spegel.

    Sry for the Swedish above.

    If you’re annoyed that you can see through where the screen isn’t you could always get som black vinyl and apply around it, that way you block any light coming from inside the frame

  • @open_book Thanks, Will try.

  • @broberg Tack, Jo jag läste om Pilkington med och jag kan ju lätt byta glas nu om jag vill. Har du köpt ett? Sitter själv i Götet men får väl kolla runt lite var man kan hitta glaset.

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    @planet4 japp, köpte pilkington mirropane, kostade ca 1500kr för en 120*60cm stor spegel. Så här i efterhand kanske jag borde köpt deras mirroview istället då de släpper igenom mer ljus (mirropane 3% och mirroview 20% ljusgenomsläpp).

    3% funkar i ett normal till svagtbelyst rum, dagsljus, not so much

  • I have still not made any vent holes to get rid of the heat from the monitor. I took a photo with my heat camera to see the change. Will post the photo after the vent holes soon. Notice that my reflection is generating some heat.

    alt text

  • @planet4 I got some cheap heat sinks for the RPi 3 I’m using just for safety, but my mounting solution avoids boxing the thing in. It’s open around the sides and looks as though it’s floating 4cm from the wall. This effect works fine for where I’m hanging my mirror - no one can see the sides!

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