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Active Notification from external system?

  • Hello,

    I’m looking for a possibility to send a Notification/Text to the Magic Mirror. From an external system. Like SmartHome (e.g. FHEM or other systems).

    All Modules i found in the meantime are called periodically via interval (e.g. every minute)…

    But i would need a Module which can be triggered from “outside”. I doesn’t want to ask my Smart Home every second “are there news?”. Because i only want to show “alarms” and in 99,9% there won’t be alarms

    Maybe the external system can send a http request, with the needed information, and the smart mirror shows the information immediately. (without intervall)?

    Does anyone you know if such Modules (or similar) already exists which are not working with “invervall”?

    If there isn’t an suitable module, i would develop it on my own, but i’m a complete java script newbie, and i think i would need some code snippets.

    Thank you very much.
    Kind Regards

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    @SwordMaster you could go for

  • I used another method to display a notification, where the compliments are displayed.
    But the development stopped. At the moment, this notify module is not available:

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