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Wich display for my Smart Mirror?

  • Hello, I am searching for a “good” display for my Smart mirror. I heard OLED is one of the expensive options but with the best results. My mirror will be 50x50cm (19,6x16,6 inches). The display should be from 17" to 25". Could you recommend for me a Good price-quality OLED display? It hasn´t to be the most expensive. Could you also recommend some alternative displays to OLED? Maybe some cheaper ones but with a good contrast? The Mirror will be in a bright room during day (mostly daylight) but it also will be used in darkness (I thought of OLED because they are on of the best for dark rooms as they turn off the unused pixels).

    Thanks 😉

  • @designs-by-Lucht recommend to use VA monitor. Best contrast , so real black during night and high white during day.

    Check this out
    *Both TN and IPS panels tend to have a contrast ratio around 1000:1, although in my testing I have noted some differences. TN panels tend to have the lowest contrast ratios when calibrated, with an entry-level panel sitting between 700:1 and 900:1 and good panels pushing up to that 1000:1 mark. IPS has a larger range, I’ve seen some as low as 700:1 like TNs, however the very best tend to push up higher than TN, with 1200:1 as the upper range for desktop monitors and some laptop-grade displays reaching as high as 1500:1.

    Neither TN nor IPS get to the range of VA though. Entry-level VA panels start with a contrast ratio of 2000:1 from those that I’ve tested, with the best easily exceeding 4500:1, although 3000:1 is a typical figure for most monitors. TVs make extensive use of VA panels and there contrast ratios can be even higher. It’s not unusual to see over 6000:1. So if you want deep blacks and high contrast ratios, you’ll need to go with something VA*