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My Raspberry won’t boot up

  • I’ve been very happy with my magic mirror for a while now however the other day it simple stopped working. I noticed now that I cannot get the Raspberry Pi 3+ to successfully start up. I explored online for days and tried changing the Config txt file after recovery start up.


    It boots up to this part then goes black with a blinking cursor in the top left hand corner. Please can someone help a novice who was proud I had got the magic mirror fully working.

    Thanks Richard

  • Module Developer

    I had that problem. Turns out my off brand cards I was using were fake sized. It would eventually overwrite itself. Card said “32Gig” was 8 meg or some such.

    Double check you got good cards. I’d start there. Hope you got some backup.

  • My understanding is that that micro-SD card problem is particularly vexing for the the photographic community. I told my daughter, a part-time pro photog, that I was buying another couple of micro-SD card for my PI4 and she warned me about that. There are some real horror stories associated with that issue - think weddings.

  • @earnestrichards Thanks for your feedback but it’s a Kingston SD card and I can see the contents on the Card when I Plug it into my PC. I think the SD card is not the Problem, but I’m no expert

  • @richardh151 sadly these SD cards are a lot more fragile than they would have you believe. the actual memory cells are write once. so as u write more times, u leave behind old dead, used memory cells, until you run out, and then the card is useless.
    I have gone thru 8 memory cards. two mostly development machines, I have moved to boot from SD card, run from SSD.
    it has the same memory issue, but due to the size, will take a lot longer to run out.
    (recent reports of a windows 10 defragmentation bug causing early SSD failures from this problem. see )

    so, my best suggestion, get a new card, and an adapter, flash raspian on the new card, and then use the adapter in a USB port on the pi to copy the MagicMirror folder to the new card.

    and get a bigger card than u need

  • @sdetweil That’s interesting, and disconcerting, about the Win10 SSD problem.

    How long do you estimate that your cards last?

    Does reading the card inflict damage the same way as a write would?

    I think I will also keep at least one cloned SD card handy.

  • @earnestrichards read does not affect like write does. and of course for low write environments, like cameras and music devices, the cards last near forever.

    my 8 cards have failed since Nov 16 when I started working on pis. lost a pi 3 mm card 2 weeks ago. luckily it wasn’t customized.

  • @sdetweil Thanks Sam

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