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Two way mirror shop in Netherlands (near Leiden)

  • Dear Builders,

    I am following this addictive community from quite some time and finally trying to build my own magic mirror. How ever i am not able to find reliable supplier near Leiden in Netherlands. Any one from here knows a local shop in Leiden region ? I visited many shops or talk to them on phone but either they do not have that type of mirror or its very expensive and they do not have sample to show me. I am looking for size 75cms X 45 cms, what should be reasonable price for this size. Any help or direction would be helpful.


    in nederland 47€ zonder verzending

  • @raf Thanks for the reply, i am already aware of Pyrasied but as you know its acrylic and want to keep it last option. If i can’t find good glass in budget then will go for Pyrasied or any other acralic.

  • Go to the community order on this page, the mirrrors he is offering is real mirrors, and the best I’ve found.

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