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I'm trying to get MMM-MQTTbridge to work, but where do I find the debug log to see notifications etc?

  • Hi All

    I had this up and running before the latest updates to MM and to the MMM-MQTTbridge. But now it doesn’t.
    I need to find out what is going on, but where do I find the debug log on the latest MM?
    I can see in my old posts when I originally tried to set this up I could get nice long logs that detailed what was going on, but I can’t find the logs now.

    I need to have the MMM-MQTTbridge report status of monitor (to update the switch in HomeAssistant), to receive monitoron/off (which is sent from a homebuilt PIR in the bathroom) and to execute a custom command (for halloween scary stuff 😃 ).

  • Ahh, and the second you post this, you actually find it mentioned in a sentence on the forum 😃

    So if I issue

    pm2 logs

    I see the logs I need!

    I’m going to break this post off, and make a seperate about the problem with nothing happening now.

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