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Dual display

  • Hi everybody,

    since I have a few 17’’ displays at home I wonder if it is possible to make a dual display magic mirror. After a quick search I found this cheap VGA board. Do you think it is possible to run two instances of magic mirror, one on the VGA port and one on the HDMI port? Or even better, to expand the display to both monitors?

    Thanks in advance.

  • Hi Luke,

    Did you manage to use 2 monitors with one Pi? Just like you I have some old monitors catching dust and would like to make a mirror with one pi. Including a camera to shut both screen down.

    KR. Thommy

  • Hi Thommy,

    i bought the Gert VGA 666 board but could not try it out yet (i preferred to start another Raspi-project in the meantime).
    But since you are interested i will try to assemble that thing and connect two displays. Maybe i can try it this weekend.


  • Moderator

    While the description says it can drive both a VGA and HDMI connected monitors, resulting in a dual setup, MM is configured to launch one Electron screen. You might be able to run a side-by-side installation of MM and launch it on a secondary port, and I’m assuming it will launch a second Electron window that you will then have to position on screen. I just don’t know what will happen when/if you restart the rpi. Will it remember where the screens were positioned? only testing will answer that.

  • I’m really interested if it works.
    Has anybody tried yet?

  • The Raspi can’t manage two displays!

    2 display’s = 2 raspi’s!

  • @lolobyte said in Dual display:

    The Raspi can’t manage two displays!

    2 display’s = 2 raspi’s!

    Do you really mean the Raspi, or do you mean MagicMirror?
    There is a VGA Modul for the Rasp, to handle two displays.

    It’s just interesting if MM knows hof to show it correct on restart.

  • @Jeff

    Hi jeff,

    the raspi has only a hdmi output and a output 4 a gpio display.

    It is not possible to really work with 2 display’s.

    U have a link to your VGA Module?

    If this module is really capable to run those 2 displays than u maybe can run a MM as web server build and one as MM2.

    If it’s possible to run two different MM2 instances i don’t really know that.

    Maybe it’s possible to run a second MM2 at another port!

  • @Jeff

    nice project.

    SW is in development!

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