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Help Me Build a MM

  • I want to start this off by saying I am new to this type of technology and have never dabbled in building electronics. I heard about the RasPi a few days ago and thought it would be a brilliant way to enter the world of computer electronics (I want to get a degree in computer engineering and then advance into AI).

    Aside from a mirror frame and monitor, which I already have, what parts do you all recommend? Should I buy a two-way glass or regular glass with a film applied? What are the downsides/upsides of making it touchscreen? Should I place my monitor on the top portion or bottom portion of my mirror?

    I don’t have exact measurements for my mirror frame, as I have been working and going to school almost every day— but I will be sure to update with measurements if people are interested in helping me.
    Also, I own an Alexa and was wondering if it would be worth it to hook my Alexa to the mirror?

  • @nicksullivan figure out where u want to put it… how high, how wide, how tall…

    figure out where u would want to look at the info shown.

    all this helps u decide where the monitor portion of the mirror should be, if not the full thing…

    do u have power nearby… (I had to drill a hole in the top of the wall header in the attic to run power wire to that wall… (I haven’t built box, or used mirror glass…)

    will the mirror being on all night, fairly strong light, bother anyone? I blank mine at night time
    (using alexa routine thru MMM-AlexaControl to my MMM_SleepWake module that uses a webcam))
    do you want use infrared to wake/sleep… will take a hole in the frame for the sensor to work.

    look at the Show your mirror section

    MMM-AlexaControl can let you control the mirror from the alexa device… vs having to install software inside the mirror to use alexa to control the mirror

  • @sdetweil

    I think I have the location, and my width and height have to match my already existing frame. My mirror will go in my room so it shouldn’t affect anyone but me. I’ve got a power plugin down to the right where I would like to put it.

    I would like to use a PIR sensor (if that’s what they are called) to auto-shutoff my mirror.

    Would I need additional parts aside from: a RasPi, monitor, mirror, and PIR sensor? Would there be anything else I would need?

  • @nicksullivan Raspi needs a power supply, monitor may need too. then glass, and some backing if monitor doesn’t cover all the glass…