Activate python script from click of hyperlink in email

  • Hi guys,

    I am working on a module that sends an email to an account if my motion sensor senses motion. The email contains a link which upon clicking the link, a light bulb will turn on.

    Both the motion sensor and light bulb are connected to the raspberry pi. I got everything working other than the link. How do I make it such that when the user clicks the link in the email a script that turns the light bulb on runs?

  • @hk24 in the node_helper you could extend the routes of the express server so when you click the link there will be a request send to your node_helper script which can then activate the lightbulb.

    see an example here

    the link would look like this http://MIRROR_IP:MIRROR_PORT/syslog?type=INFO&message=YOUR_MESSAGE