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Magic mirror as thin as possible

  • Hey,
    I want to build a magic mirror for my wardrobe and therefore it should be as thin as possible (similiar to this normal mirror).
    I guess that a laptop screen would be the best solution, but does anyone have experience with a thin monitor or tv?
    And can anyone recommend a good laptop screen?

  • @ZombieDE You could get a flatscreen TV instead, a smaller one that’s meant to mount on the wall. then frame only the screen and mirror, and wire the RPi somewhere else in the wardrobe.

    Or, if you can’t find a thin/small enough TV, you’d have some difficulty getting a laptop screen to connect to the RPi without it’s own Motherboard. No doubt, it can be done, but dude good luck.

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    A wardrobe is a perfect place to fit a flush mount mirror, you should have enough space on the back of the wardrobe door to recess the entire screen and flush mount the mirror to the door.

    A normal TFT (with casing) is around 50-60mm deep, that’s not much at all, you should have that much space on the inside, right?

  • exact like hight of raspi