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Symbolic Link fault Question

  • I’m trying to copy my MM from existing Pi4 setup to another Pi4
    The process is mostly working but I’m getting some "cannot create symbolic link messages in iFrame node modules and node modules in a Vendor folder and others as it copies to SD card.

    Is there a way to copy MM from one Pi to another without incurring these faults. Physically, I’m copying the ~/MagicMirror and all its contents to an SD card which I will put in usb port and then copy to ~ on second Pi

    I’m not a programmer but can fumble my way through basic file manipulation but this is a problem and it is slow as molasses.

  • @ankonaskiff17 should be no problem, although any symlinks may not work, if the source doesn’t exist on the copy to system.

    Only places I have symlinks is to my photo mount from my server, and one for my motion detection folder, so it can be shared between multiple apps

  • @sdetweil i also wouldn’t copy the node_modules folder, but redo npm install.

    Or zip the whole thing and unzip on target, instead of copy

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