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Weather Module struggles

  • I gave the weather module a try and while I can get it to show the current weather, I can not get it to show the 5 day forecast after numerous changes. The page dedicated to this module says just use the module twice and and that is what I did, in addition to using weathergov as data source.
    I looked at the weather.js code and I am not great at reading code but it seems like there is no code to adjust in config.js

    For example there is a line
    timeFormat: config.timeFormat in weather.js
    Then this in config.js timeFormat: 12,

    The wiki?? page tells about the different options such as current, forecast, and daily as configuration items but again, I can’t find a corresponding lines in weather.js to result in image on page.

    As an aside to that, it looks like when placed in middle_center it is thinking it is in one of the X_third configurations as it draws a line full screen width under the location text. top_center and bottom_center draw the line correctly under location text.

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