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Display more than one news article?

  • Is there a way I can display a list of five news articles from the top 20 articles that then shows the next 5-10 of the top 20 etc. Instead of showing one and cycling through individually?

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    @wrumble I don’t believe so, no. But that sounds like a good feature for the newsreader module. If you code it up, you can contribute it to the development branch. You’re the second person I’ve seen ask about it in the past couple of days, so there’s definitely a desire for the functionality.

  • I myself also want this feature. Basically just need this, and my mirror is done. And I’m total nubblet, so…

    I started however looking into utilizing the php script used for the RSS newsfeed in the original MM1 - I thought just to hard code it into the index.html. However since the original MM index file is php and the MM2 one is html, there is no easy copy/paste way of doing it. I googled for a few hours on php and html but my knowledge is very limited and, surprise surprise, I came up short.

    Between my MM project, very demanding work, and family life - my progress is very slow. But I will have this eventually, no matter what. 🙂

  • My javascript isn’t great but I tried to add a few snippets in here and there but nothing changes when I compile and test it locally. It shouldn’t be too hard from what I can see but I haven’t had any luck. I’ll leave it a week or so and come back with some fresh eyes.

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    If you need help from other developers feel free to post your code or a link to your github repository for technical troubleshooting.

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