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  • MMM-ScreenManager

    Automaticaly turn ON and/or Turn OFF your screen with defined hours

    This module use my personal library (screen/ governor/ npmcheck)… why do something complex when all is already coded !

    You have just to define your value un cron format and this module will execute turn ON or turn OFF your screen !
    Don’t worry for cron format … this link will help !
    When your screen is OFF, you can also apply a rule for CPU powersaving with governor

    This module broadcast a USER_PRESENCE notification for other modules 🙂

    Like my others modules using my screen library, you have many preconfigured function (screenMode) for turn ON/OFF your screen (vgencmd, dpms, tvservice, HDMI CEC)

    This is no visual for this module. (it’s not really needed)

    Read the ReadMe file for more informations


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