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Homeassistant und Magic Mirror problem whith MQTT character string help

  • Hello, I am configuring a module for my Magic-Mirror, but I cannot get the temperature value without the entire character string of the Sonoff-Tasmota with a DHT11 temperature and humidity sensor.
    I leave you an image of my problem, in case you can help me. Thanks
    Img.frage1.png and console

    20:31:16 MQT: tele/espejo1/SENSOR = {“Time”:“2021-01-07T20:31:16”,“DHT11”:{“Temperature”:19.3,“Humidity”:26.0,“DewPoint”:-0.7},“TempUnit”:“C”}

    I need to get the Temperature value only, but I don’t know how. And I’ve tried everything.
    I have the module configured with MQTT (Homeassistant)

    Example Module:
    //MMM-MQTTfloorplan - CON IMAGEN 3D
    module: ‘MMM-MQTTfloorplan’,
    position: ‘bottom_left’,
    config: {
    mqttServer: {
    url: “IP-RASPBERY”,
    user: “mqtt”,
    password: “************”,
    floorplan: {
    image: “floorplan-default.png”,
    width: 350,
    height: 295,
    subscriptions: [
    topic: ‘stat/espejo1/RESULT’, // MQTT Topic name !
    label: ‘Luz de pruebas1 - Espejo1’, // BULB OK!!
    type: ‘light’,
    display: { left: 120, top: 60 },
    topic: ‘tele/espejo1/SENSOR’, //Work but everything  I need Only Temperature value !!!
    label: ‘Espejo1 Temp’,
    type: ‘label’,
    display: { left: 350, top: 10},


    Thank you very much for those who can help me get the temperature value, within topic:

    example -> topic: ‘tele/espejo1/SENSOR’, bla…bla…bla … Help !!! ???

    Happy New Year 2021 to all 😉

  • Project Sponsor

    You will have to do something like the default “currentweather” module does when parsing the data received from

    Just check the content of “currentweather.js” in MagicMirror/modules/default/currentweather

    I can’t tell you what to do (yet) but your sensor output is very similar to the output received from openweathermap.

    Below the code received from which is processed and presented to your MagicMirror via the default module “currentweather”.

    {"coord":{"lon":4.8264,"lat":52.4385},"weather":[{"id":500,"main":"Rain","description":"light rain","icon":"10n"},{"id":310,"main":"Drizzle","description":"light intensity drizzle rain","icon":"09n"}],"base":"stations","main":{"temp":276.16,"feels_like":272.32,"temp_min":275.93,"temp_max":276.48,"pressure":1011,"humidity":93},"visibility":10000,"wind":{"speed":3.09,"deg":310},"rain":{"1h":0.25},"clouds":{"all":75},"dt":1610059500,"sys":{"type":1,"id":1524,"country":"NL","sunrise":1610005749,"sunset":1610034267},"timezone":3600,"id":2744118,"name":"Zaandam","cod":200}

    Hope this helps pointing you in the right direction.

  • Thanks for answering, the truth is that I am not an expert and I have just started to know Java … that is why I am very lost. If you have another simpler idea, I will appreciate it. 🙂

  • Project Sponsor

    @droncho Maybe this module can help you get a better idea on how to parse your Sensor data.

    Alternatively you can try using:

    topic: 'tele/espejo1/Temperature'


    topic: 'tele/espejo1/SENSOR/Temperature'

    in your config. I am not familiar with sensors yet…

  • Project Sponsor

    Look at this:

    So maybe you can use:

    topic: 'tele/espejo1/SENSOR:state:JSONPATH($.DHT11.Temperature)'

    or something like that.

  • @MaXi-XCeL thx…I am editing the module again to see if I can find the key to everything, I write again when I have the solution … Greetings and thanks. 🙂

  • Solved !! YUHUU!!!

    Thaks to bertdeelman (creator from this Module: MMM-MQTTfloorplan) its working !!!

    in config.js

    topic: ‘tele/espejo1/SENSOR’, // MQTT Topic name
    label: ‘Temperature’, // Not displayed anywhere, but handy for you to know what you’re doing !
    type: ‘label’,
    jsonpointer: ‘/DHT11/Temperature’,
    display: { left: 265, top: 90, prefix: “”, suffix: “°C”, decimals: 1 },

    Modification in module MMM-MQTTfloorplan.js
    123 this.updateDivForItem(
    124 i,
    125 value,
    126 config);

    Img…frague 4.png

  • Project Sponsor

    Perfection! Nicely done! Big-ups for all the Pro’s supporting this awesome platform!

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