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[SOLVED] Displaying part of a website (Google Sheets Graph)

  • Hey coders,

    first of all: sorry for asking a noob question. I’ve tried to tackle this on my own (including forum searches) but can’t find a way to approach the problem.

    • The Challenge: Display the graph on this website.

    • My solution so far: Use MMM-SmartWebDisplay. However, this gives me only this part:smartwebdisplay.jpg

    • Config:

    			module: 'MMM-SmartWebDisplay',
    			position: 'middle_center',	// This can be any of the regions.
    			config: {
    				// See 'Configuration options' for more information.
    				logDebug: false, //set to true to get detailed debug logs. To see them : "Ctrl+Shift+i"
    				height:"100%", //hauteur du cadre en pixel ou %
    				width:"100%", //largeur
                   			updateInterval: 0, //in min. Set it to 0 for no refresh (for videos)
                    		NextURLInterval: 0.5, //in min, set it to 0 not to have automatic URL change.
                    		displayLastUpdate: true, //to display the last update of the URL
    				displayLastUpdateFormat: 'ddd - HH:mm:ss', //format of the date and time to display
                    		url: [""], 
       		   		//source of the URL to be displayed
    				scrolling: "no", // allow scrolling or not. html 4 only
    				shutoffDelay: 10000 //delay in miliseconds to video shut-off while using together with MMM-PIR-Sensor 

    I somehow need to tell the module what part of the website I need, and that’s where I am currently stuck.
    Any help is appreciated, please feel free to propose different modules/solutions if my way is dumb.
    Also if you’re interested, here is my build.

    Stay creative,

  • Hi Simon,
    create a local html-file at the modules folder with the following content:

    Name it as you like (mychart.html for example) and add the path to MMM-SmartWebDisplay instead of the URL you entered before:

    url: ["/modules/mychart.html"],

    Play around with the red-marked values…the exact data depends on the browser in use.
    This way is much easier than to adjust it directly in MMM-SmartWebDisplay.


  • Hey Thomas,

    works perfectly!
    Thank you very much 🙂 This expands the possibilities for my mirror sooo far.

    Stay creative,

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