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[Smart Home] loxone - XML - show temperature via http

  • Hi Guys !
    got a magic mirror since end 2015, and now upgrading the software here ^^

    i use a loxone smarthome server, and i want to show the temperature on my mirror :

    before i was using php like this :

    php   //température intérieur loxone
    $fichier = 'http://admin:XXXXXXXXXX@';
    $xml = simplexml_load_file($fichier);
    echo $xml["value"];

    how can i simply use this with a existing module ??
    as you can see: there is an authentification in the URL !!!

    the xml generated is :

    LL control="dev/sps/io/tempsalon" value="21.0°" Code="200"/

    thanks by advance and sorry for my bad english (frenchie here 🙂 )

  • Project Sponsor Module Developer

    Going to have to convert that to js…

    Take a look at the module development. I do not know enough about js to help you but I know that it’s how the system runs…

    Turn it into a module… 🙂

    I too am fluent in php not so much in js…

  • Module Developer

    I am just working on MMM-Loxone, which enables exactly what you want.

    Check my post for updates!

  • Module Developer

    I just published my module MMM-Loxone:)

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