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Issue with sendSocketNotification and socketNotificationReceived

  • I’m working on a module that will allow one to send messages to a mirror via pubnub. Since my working prototype is for my wife, I’m calling the module lovenotes. Once it is polished, I intend to use it as a replacement for the random compliment module.

    I’m a hobbyist and far, far, far from being a capable programmer. However, I’ve had some success.

    • I’m able to populate the DOM with a default message. Basically a Hello World exercise.
    • More significantly, I’m able to receive messages from PubNub and print them to the console. I have this process running in a node_helper.js.

    But, I’m struggling with using sendSocketNotification and socketNotificationReceived (in the main module) to receive the message and update the DOM. While it appears the Notification and packet is being sent (more logging), it is never received (more logging).

    I appreciate any tips. I’ve stared at the default modules and can’t seem to find anything different with my implementation of the methods.

    The files follow:



  • Admin

    Only had a quick look at your code but it seems like you are not sending anything from the UI JavaScript to the node_helper. In order for the node_helper to be able to communicate with the module’s JavaScript you have to open the socket connection by sending some kind of initial message to the helper first. So you can probably fix it by adding this.sendSocketNotification("hello") to the start function of your lovenotes.js.

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  • @paviro I’ll try that now! Thanks!

  • A quick test didn’t resolve the issue. But, I’m digging in further.

  • @paviro Thanks so much for pointing me in the right direction. I have the bare bones module working. I still have some things to do, namely:

    • Show more than one message, with prior messages truncated and reduced in size
    • Time stamp messages
    • Possibly add from, to allow for multiple senders
    • Provide code for a companion app that will allow sending messages to the mirror.

    Once I clean the core up I’m going to post it to a public git repository.

    Thanks again for your help. (Curiously, how do I mark the original post as solved?)


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