Using SimpleLogo twice? (or more)?

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    I want to use SimpleLogo more than once, to show different pictures/logos in different places on the mirror. Assuming that is possible, is it just a matter of entering it into the config.js for each use? e.g. The first instance for one picture and the second instance for another picture in a different location at the same time?

    I hope that was clear enough

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    I guess I should have looked at the SimpleLogo.js file before asking the above question. That’s where the path to the picture is. So I guess some modification here is needed to add another path to a second picture, although I wouldn’t know how to do that.

    Is it even possible? If so, please advise.


  • Module Developer

    You should be able to just load the module twice with different configurations.

    The url to the file is set in the configuration with fileUrl

    So basically add more of the same module in the config.js file but change the fileUrl in each one (and the position)

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    @broberg Thank you. That worked very nicely. Much appreciated