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Take a Picture and Display it

  • Hello All,
    First time here. The Magic Mirror has gotten so much of my interest I ordered my first Raspberry and accessories just to build one and can’t wait. The reason for my post is that I have been searching and not able to find a module that would allow me to use a camera on the mirror to take a picture and then display that picture on the mirror. I am building this mirror for my wife and would like her to be able to take a picture of her outfit from behind and then look at the picture to see what it looks like. Something like, she would push a button on the side of the mirror and have say 10 seconds to turn around then the picture would be taken. She could then turn around and look at the mirror and see the picture of her from the back that was taken. Is there a Module that can do this ? Sorry to be so long winded. Thank you for any help, its appreciated.

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    @Bones just a thought, why not a live stream to the mirror from a camera mounted on the opposite side of the room? 🙂

  • broberg, Thats a good idea, I like it,thnx for the help its appreciated

  • @Bones - I am trying to do something very similar. Were you able to do this ?

  • You could use the voice module to trigger an action to take a photo and store it in a local directory then use a image module to display the image.

    I wanted to do something similar to keep track of which tie I had worn during the week. Display a photo strip of the last 5 ties… I ended up solving it with a low-tech solution. I used to tie racks. I take a “new” tie off the first rack, then when I get home put the tie on the “worn” rack. Then when it is full, move all the ties to the first rack. 😉

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