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  • I think it will be really cool to have a module which will render a graph from the values you provide. Let’s say it will be a txt file or url with values put into rows. So the module will grab last N rows and render a graph.

    All ideas I have for now is to create a transparent graph image myself and import it with the RandomPhoto module.

    Im wondering do anyone here tried to create a custom graph for MM?

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    There a module of @qistoph

  • @roramirez said in Graph module:

    There a module of @qistoph

    Thank you! Yes, it looks pretty much like what Im looking for. But I could make a guess only throw the source code, because I could not make this module run. And it draws a static graph, not dinamic

  • Hi @feedparakeet,

    The MMM-dynchart was a sample used to show some ideas.

    A better example for you would be my Vitadock module:

    Maybe you can use it to base your module on.

    If you could give a more detailed description of what you what to graph, I might be able to help you.

  • I’m logging room temperature and humidity to a csv file. How would I go about using the data to graph it to my mirror?

  • I’m using a bunch of graph already… why not using Grafana to record the data and the iFrame module to display them in your MM ?

  • @PointPubMedia said in Graph module:

    I’m using a bunch of graph already… why not using Grafana to record the data and the iFrame module to display them in your MM ?

    That’s a good idea actually. I don’t know what grafana is, will look into it. I might just use the temperature logging python code I have and add a graphing portion to it as well and then use the iframe module to display the graph. Sounds feasible on paper.

  • @PointPubMedia, thanks, Grafana looks good. I have it installed now to graph server’s cpu, network, e.t.c… Could you tell me please what do you use as a data source for Grafana to create custom graphs? I want to create bitcoin-usd graph, but I don’t know how can I put a data into Grafana.
    And how do use put Grafana’s graph into iFrame module? Are there any tricks you can share?

  • @feedparakeet I disable the authentication in Grafana so I can use direct link to a graph without a username/password!

    In grafana, you can “export” a graph and it will give you a direct URL that you can use directly in an iFrame!

    For datasource, currently I’m using a module in my home automation that already send data to grafana!

    I need to work later on some unix script to send data directly in grafana!

  • @PointPubMedia Thanks! It worked!
    Final setup is: php scripts which grab info from (eur + usd) and (bitcoin), put them to InfluxDB and display with Grafana. Works like a charm!
    Here is a screenshot from my MM. Looks beautiful in general. But still, few minor things to work on.


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