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Hi !! I Start to ask sorry for my not perfect english ... did you know ? i m italian !! :-)

  • Ciao to All , i want to say thank you to Mich and everybody leave something to do grown this Magic Project.
    My question is about the plastic mirror or mirror film or real glass mirror.
    I wish like to know ,wich material is the best for a best result.
    I wish to ask if somebody can help me to find this mirror material in europe , where i can buy .
    i want to do my Magic Mirror with a wonderful frame , abuout my manifacture .
    thanks Friends !!

  • Project Sponsor

    @mamalkita best result is a proper glass mirror.

  • Module Developer

    If you look around in the Show your Mirror category you will be able to find multiple people using foil and glass and see it for yourself. One thing to note is that a real glass mirror will also feel different. I am sure if the plastic mirror works and can’t recall if i have seen someone make one.

    You can most often buy the mirrors online, just go to any search engine and start searching 🙂 then you can also maybe find a local retailer.

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