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Getting warning in development view in my module MMM-RadioDe + Error Message + other questions

  • Hi all, since @Disturbx (Forum Link MMM-RadioDe) wrote that “my” MMM-RadioDe module does not operate on his mirror but in browser view, I started some more debugging by starting the MMM with npm start dev and I can see some warnings/ error messages I do not understand:

    pascalprecht.translate.$translateSanitization: No sanitization strategy has been configured. This can have serious security implications. See for details.
    VM108 vendor.js:9 Error: Blocked a frame with origin "" from accessing a cross-origin frame.
        at Error (native)
        at o (
        at function) @ VM108 vendor.js:9(anonymous function) @ VM108 vendor.js:8(anonymous function) @ VM108 vendor.js:9o @ VM108 vendor.js:8(anonymous function) @ VM108 vendor.js:8
    playlog:1 GET…9h5&reconnect=0&waittime=0&apikey=df04ff67dd3339a6fc19c9b8be164d5b5245ae93 403 (Forbidden)
    playlog:1 GET…&reconnect=0&waittime=1002&apikey=df04ff67dd3339a6fc19c9b8be164d5b5245ae93 403 (Forbidden)
    playlog:1 GET…reconnect=0&waittime=60751&apikey=df04ff67dd3339a6fc19c9b8be164d5b5245ae93 403 (Forbidden)
    playlog:1 GET…econnect=0&waittime=120991&apikey=df04ff67dd3339a6fc19c9b8be164d5b5245ae93 403 (Forbidden)
    playlog:1 GET…econnect=0&waittime=180995&apikey=df04ff67dd3339a6fc19c9b8be164d5b5245ae93 403 (Forbidden)

    I do not understand the warning translateSanitization. Did anyone of encounter a similar warning in his module development and could point me in the correct direction ?

    From the other error messages I do get the impression, that my invocation of the web radio player tries to open a frame, but I am not sure… Any hints appreciated.

    Furthermore I thought about to start the webradio player only once after all modules are started:

    Set a variable this.all_started to after ALL_MODULES_STARTED and start radio only once this is successful. Do you think this would be a good way ?

        notificationReceived: function (notification, payload, sender) {
          if(notification === "ALL_MODULES_STARTED"){
            this.all_started = true;
  "Received notification ALL_MODULES_STARTED setting all_started to  : " + this.all_started);
          }else if(notification === "RADIO_STATION"){
  "Received RADIO_STATION" + payload.title + "   "+ payload.type);
            this.config.station = payload.title;
        getDom: function() {
          var wrapper = document.createElement("div");
          if (this.display && this.all_started) {
            var script = document.createElement("div");
            script.innerHTML = "<div></div>

  • Project Sponsor Module Developer

    @Steff the translate module which reports an issue is an angular module of pascal precht, but it works even though you didn’t specify a sanitization strategy.

    Your problem are the requests which get an 403 forbidden http status

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