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Where to buy 2 way mirror in USA

  • Has anyone had any luck with a very large acrylic mirror from one of these vendors?

    I want a 51" x 34" mirror (in front of a 60" TV) above a vanity in a bathroom.

    I realize the ideal solution would be a vanitymirror from, as it’s glass, but they want $1750+ before shipping. I just can’t justify such a huge chunk of cash for what was supposed to be a small detail in our bathroom update. I really don’t understand why they’re so expensive – especially when they charge ~$725 for the equivalent size “two way mirror” which is not a “smart mirror”. $1000 different to go from 70/10 transparency to 70/30? wtf.

    I see ~$415 for tap plastic’s thickest acrylic option @ 3/16in
    and ~$584 for twowaymirrors acrylic at @ 1/4in

    heading to a local glass place today as well to see what they can do as well.

    I was just wondering if anyone has success stories with acrylic this size. I realize I’m taking a gamble on the thing looking like a fun house. I can probably live with the potential scratching/maintenance aspect of it, but funhouse is a no-go.

  • @maxx

    The mirror I had ordered from TAP plastics was acrylic 3/16 - 60x30 in front of a 48 inch display. This will be a full length mirror for bathroom… I have placed the TV into a door and putting the mirror framed on front. I have not fully installed the mirror yet but I can definitely tell there is a fun house effect. Our vanity mirror will be a regular mirror so I’m not too concerned this additional mirror having a little fun house effect. TAP plastics has been a horrible experience to work with as their packaging to send the mirror is not overly protected on the sides of the mirror. The mirror came to me scratched and they had sent a replacement. TAP plastics had left me on the hook to pay additional brokerage and duties (being in canada) again on the replacement. So in the end I had paid over $700 for this mirror. On the original mirror I tried repairing some of the scratches and cleaning it… impossible… the mirror film scratches very easily and cleaning even with a microfibre rag will leave swirling over time. Knowing all this now … and this being a permanent installation into our bathroom… I wish I had spent the extra money to have it glass so I won’t ever need to replace.

  • Thanks for the tips. After reading this comment and some others, I think staying away from acrylic altogether is the right move, as it’s the main vanity mirror.

    I got another sample from a local glass place…to cover the 60" tv, it’s ~$650 for a normal “one way” glass. Unfortunately it still lets a a noticeably less amount of light from the screen and has a bit of an unhealthy looking green tint when compared to the $1750 vanityvision.

    I just can’t believe they’re the only company making mirrors specifically targeted for this use. I guess that’s why they can charge thousands of dollars. bummer.

  • Went to my local glass store as well they had a few options an 18x24 sheet of glass was around $120. It was called mirrorpane but I haven’t purchased it yet because it is quite expensive. For sure check your local glass shops I’m sure they can do much cheaper than

  • Hey! Just saw this post and am super excited that we were recommended as a vendor here for the project. I just created a post that details a the mirror types people can find on our website and compares the reflection, transparency, budget and shipping concerns.

    We do ship worldwide, fully insured and if something breaks during transit we replace immediately.

    Just a quick note on the acrylic based on our findings:
    The maximum size we recommend for 1/4" thick acrylic is 24" x 48", any larger than that will be bendy. Some of our customers have tried to use 30" x 50" ish sizes with an IR Touch Overlay and ended up having to switch to glass because it literally interfered with the overlay and wouldn’t work.

    For 1/8" acrylic we recommend 12" x 24" or smaller for the best look.

    & I’m beaming because I finally convinced the higher ups to offer affordable sizes on the Dielectric Mirror. No one else in the US carries this glass and the display quality is the absolute best on the market while still offering a really nice reflection quality.

    Really looking forward to being active in the forum if people are still around to see what questions people have and what kind of need there is for video content on how to create these mirrors.


  • @twowaymirrors I’m really happy with the 1/4" smart mirror glass I ordered from you guys. Packaging was great as well.

  • Yay! That’s awesome - would love to see pictures of your project if you have them ^_^

  • @vaju0503 the Mirropane is 70% reflective and 11% transparent, equivalent to our Glass Two Way Mirror that we price at $135.00+shipping in the size you mentioned. The cost is comparable but it can be a huge benefit to look around locally as well to avoid shipping! When shopping for a mirror you always want to ask about specs- many mirror and glass companies do not post this readily and usually don’t want you to know what they are but will say “it will work for you” and “don’t worry about it”.

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    I’ll just chime in and say that I’ve bought two mirrors from and couldn’t be happier. The first was a weird size (88" x 15" or so) that was for my office. The second was a normal size for a 24" monitor.

    I didn’t take pictures unfortunately, but the 88x15 mirror arrived in a custom crate that was built like a tank. I was quite pleased with the service I received.

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    I was digging through my hard drive and found this picture I took of the 83" mirror that I ordered from I’m sure not every mirror is packaged quite like this… but if they need to, they’ll make it work.
    You'll need a screwdriver