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camera module help request. Get the picture? ;-)

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    I did try most of today (Sunday) to get this working without having to ask for help but I am out of ideas.

    I have the camera module installed (and dependencies) working on my MM. The only problem I have is that it doesn’t email the picture. I’m sure I’ve made a mistake somewhere. I was hoping you might help me.

    			module: 'camera',
        			position: 'top_right',
        			config: {
    			selfieInterval: 3,  // Time interval in seconds before the photo will be taken.
            		emailConfig: {
                		service: 'iCloud', // Email provider to use to send email with a photo.
                		auth: {
                    	user: '', // Your email account
                    	pass: 'xxxxxxxxxx'        // Your password for email account

    Does it use the same email account to send To: and From: ? If not, how/where do I tell the module the address to send the picture to? Also, can I change the size of the picture being taken from 640x480 to 320x240?

    Many thanks ahead of time. 👍🏻

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    Well, at least the sending of email has been resolved

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    I’ll save you some time. I tried for a considerable amount of time to get this working. As it turns out, using iCloud mail was the problem, although the module directions state that iCloud mail is supported. I switched to my gmail account and followed these instructions from the following link:

    To use Gmail you may need to configure "Allow Less Secure Apps" in your Gmail account. You also may need to unlock your account with "Allow access to your Google account

    At this link on github -

    So now my mirror, with a Kodak S101 USB webcam, takes a picture via voice command (Selfie) and sends it directly to my gmail account.

  • hello,

    work this module also with the rip cam (spi)


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    @fischi87 said in camera module help request. Get the picture? 😉:

    work this module also with the rip cam (spi)

    an Rpi cam? It might, although this module states usb cams. You should post your own question in Troubleshooting and someone will answer you. They might not see your question in here. You could try it with your rPi cam and see if it works

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