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Loading website and display it in my MM

  • Hello,

    My idea was to give the possibility to my GF to send an URL (=a receipe) to the MM via her mobile phone (= the remote plugin works well for that). This URL would be display in the full screen via an iFrame.
    I was thinking of using the iFrame module but the url need to be written inside the config while I want to change it regularly.

    Is anyone has an idea how to do that?

    Thank you in advance for your assistance

  • I am also interested in this. iFrame is also not working for me and i dont have any idea how to make this module working.
    All other modules work like a charm… perhaps we need a new module for URLs?

  • Hi,

    This module seems nice -> because it implements what we need. It load a youtube video inside an iframe. A little customization will be necessary to load a real URL but nothing nasty
    However, the major issue for me is the code we have to put inside the module MMM-remote module.
    If we update this module, we will lose everything we wrote inside.

  • Hi djo,
    I am having exactly the same idea and problem. My wife and I use a cooking blog on a mobile phone and it is very easy to send a link with a particular recipe to a given email address with the link in the body of the email. Based on that my solution (not tested yet) is the following.

    1. Setup an email client and a parser on your Raspberry so that the url is taken out of the email and written down to a separate file. Example here.

    2. Use one of these modules iFrame or iFrame Reload to load the contents of a html file. The difficulty here is that the file is not on the Internet but it’s a local file.

    3. The parser from 1 can construct the local file in such a way that it contains another iFrame pointing out at our url with the recipe.

    4. We need a way to get rid of the recipe from the screen after, say, an hour. This is something to be worked out. Maybe the second module can handle that. Or any other way - voice, another mail, etc.?

    This is my rough thinking. I will be testing it quite soon. Let you know about the results.

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