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youtube - Embedded YouTube on Your MagicMirror

  • Description:

    Hi everyone,

    This is my first module development so please pardon me if i made any mistakes. This module allows you to play and control youtube video by using Jopyth’s Remote Control Module. This module wont be possible without the help of @Jopyth & @strawberry-3-141

    When you press “hide-all” under his Remote control module, the youtube video will appear and start playing.
    So the opposite will happen when you press “show-all”, youtube pause and disappears.

    P.S : Im relatively new to programming so please bear with me if I couldn’t understand your request.


    alt text
    alt text


  • Module Developer

    This will please many users! @wizz will love it I think 😉

    I would suggest you merge the Pull request on github from fewieden to make it easier for people to change the video in the config file instead of altering the module code!

    And, format your first post so it conforms to the showcase guidelines :

    (remove the spaces between the brackets to get the card to show up in your post)

  • Moderator

    I jumped in and changed the post. Thanks for pointing this out 🙂

  • Sorry im not too familiar with the guidelines. Thanks for amending them !

    Im a new user to GitHub as well. Do correct me if there are any errors.

  • Nice job!

  • Hi dude,
    Thank you for your module, nice job and nice module.
    However, i have some suggestions.
    Is there a way to NOT put code inside the MMM-remote module. My concern is if I do a git pull of the MMM-remote, I will lose the code I wrote inside? Is the developer of MMM-remote can implement a patch and “link” your module to his?
    What do you think about setting an input in the remote.html to load a youtube video (the user will only have to do a copy/paste)
    What do you also think of authorizing a user to load a website into an iframe? And if the url starts with “”, load the video. If not just display the web page in an iframe?

  • @djo there is a pr in the pipe to switch the id without modifying something, this can be extended so there is no need to modify a module at all

  • Hi @strawberry-3.141 ,

    What’s this “pr in the pipe” that you mentioned? Im interested in learning it.

  • @djo

    Im finding a work around for your request. However, im a little busy with my school and assignments. I’ll look into it once Im free!

  • @broberg This i will try, As it was close to what i want 🙂
    The only thing is that i don´t want to hide the rest of the modules but i will try and see.