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Stopsol classic clear glass

  • So I am thinking about making my first MagicMirror and am currently trying to find a place to purchase a two-sided mirror. One glazier I contacted told me that they could sell me glass called “Stopsol classic clear”, however I am not sure if that is suitable for the magic mirror project. I am not a native speaker and I don’t know much about glass, so I was hoping that maybe someone from this forum could tell me, if this glass is suitable.


    I read the manual and I think the “Tv” column stands for light transmission, in that case the glass would not be suitable, I think. I read from some other posts, that the transmission should stay between 12-20%.

    Any help is appreciated!

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    @AwesomeZebra The light transmission can go up to 40% if the room/area is really bright/daylight bright.
    But yes, the optimal is 12-20% for a normal room.

    But looking at the classic clear specs I think the reflection numbers are the big negative, a normal mirror has about 80%+ in light reflection, 28/36% is a bit to low in my opinion.

  • Hmm, weird. I figured that if it’s not transmitting, it’s reflecting. Now that I think about it, there’s also absorbing of the light. I suppose it’s not suitable then, thank you very much for the input! 🙂

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