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27" Magic Mirror with Philips Hue integration

  • Hi all!

    I just finished building my first Magic Mirror. Well, I’m not quite finished with the modules I want to have on it, so right now it just has the standard config, but anyway, it’s on the wall already! I just wanted to share some photos from the building prosess, because I know that pepole out there looking for inspiration and how to do this, just like I was doing myself a few weeks ago. I ordered my mirror from and it arrived in Norway 8 days after, very impressed by that!! Should probably note that I opted for “urgent processing” when I ordered, because my frame was almost done and I was getting impatient 🙂 The mirror itself is the “Glass Smart Mirror - 1/4” Thickness" and the size is 360mm x 610mm (24.016" x 14.173") - just a few mm larger than my Acer K2 27" monitor.

    I have lots of Philips Hue lights in my house, and I wanted one of their LED-strips buildt into the mirror just because I could 🙂 I’m very happy with this solution, it gives the mirror a little extra, and it’s pretty configurable. I can set it up to change colors or dim-levels based on time of day, or sunset / sunrise or outdoor temperature.

    Well, on to some photos from start to finish

    The monitor:
    0_1491470725134_2017-03-18 16.59.14.jpg

    I disassembled it right away, no problem with this one:
    0_1491471009888_2017-03-18 17.26.45.jpg

    My material for the frame:
    0_1491471376656_2017-03-25 12.10.04.jpg

    Started by making the front frame:
    0_1491471447684_2017-03-26 12.28.31.jpg

    Glued and clamped for the night:
    0_1491471482918_2017-03-26 12.45.39.jpg

    Then I made the inner frame for the back:
    0_1491471598376_2017-03-28 20.50.35.jpg

    Two pieces done:
    0_1491471634806_2017-03-29 17.06.10.jpg

    Time to have a look at the lights:
    0_1491471659861_2017-03-29 19.07.03.jpg

    They work:
    0_1491471720610_2017-03-29 20.24.18.jpg

    I buildt an outer frame to hide the LED, because looking directly at them is not very pretty, then I glued it all together:
    0_1491471949136_2017-03-29 20.47.37.jpg

    Just trying to avoid that my frame will fall apart:
    0_1491472193185_2017-03-30 18.17.18.jpg

    Details, not very pretty, but it doesn’t have to be:
    0_1491472219151_2017-03-30 18.27.33.jpg

    The stupid mirror, soon to be replaced:
    0_1491472243958_2017-03-30 18.32.26.jpg

    The front finished:
    0_1491472287647_2017-03-30 18.59.45.jpg

    The back finished:
    0_1491472314356_2017-03-30 19.00.13.jpg

    That bottom piece goes on the wall, works very well:
    0_1491472419764_2017-04-02 19.50.26.jpg

    Mirror arrived 8 days after ordering:
    0_1491472451386_2017-04-04 17.40.19.jpg

    3.3 kilos, not as heavy as I expected:
    0_1491472503620_2017-04-04 17.46.59.jpg

    It even fits in my frame!!
    0_1491472531218_2017-04-04 23.04.06.jpg

    So does everything else:
    0_1491472560572_2017-04-05 15.35.04.jpg

    On the wall, a few photos:
    0_1491472683158_2017-04-05 20.30.07.jpg
    0_1491472700952_2017-04-05 17.04.31.jpg
    0_1491472717988_2017-04-05 20.33.57.jpg
    0_1491472744685_2017-04-05 20.25.30.jpg
    0_1491472752630_2017-04-05 20.27.42.jpg
    0_1491472769660_2017-04-05 20.27.13.jpg

    Have a nice day!

  • Module Developer

    I like it! That’s some serious cable-cramming you did there 😃

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  • @johnnyboy said in 27" Magic Mirror with Philips Hue integration:

    Yeah, very nice… Good lay out of framing that allows plenty ventilation too 😉

    @johnnyboy I like the frame, but I don´t think it has enough ventilation. I´m thinking about adding a fan or something. The monitor shows a temperatur warning sign, you can see it in many of the photos in the top right corner.

    and it’s pretty configurable. I can set it up to change colors or dim-levels based on time of day, or sunset / sunrise or outdoor temperature.

    Can I ask how this is done? if it is done through MM can you please post the files and entries you made as I like that lights and the idea of it being set up to be configurable like that.


    The light is not controlled from the mirror. I have two Philips Hue hubs that controls all my lights, including this one.


  • Very nice result !
    I’ve more or less configured my MM. I need a mirror and perhaps ill try the shop you mentioned 😉