I'm new and need help

  • Hi! I’d been looking for the answer to my question in the forum but I couldn’t find it.
    How do I logout from the mirror when I start it?
    How can I download my own repository? I customizes the codes and did some changes to the download code but it doesn’t wor.

  • @enith2478 said in I’m new and need help:

    How do I logout from the mirror when I start it?

    On my Keyboard, I click on Alt, and that shows me the top menu bar along MM.
    I then mouse over File > ‘minimise’ and that closes the MM window, and takes me back to the main Desktop.
    From there, I can click on the Raspberry icon on top left, scroll down to the bottom, select ‘shutdown’ and when it has Shutdown, switch off the monitor/Pi from the power source.

    If I did not want to shut down, and just wanted back to Desktop to do something, then return to MM, then I mouse up to the Clear looking Screen Icon just off centre on the top menu bar (as opposed to the Black screen icon - which is the Terminal window you used to get into MM), right click on it, then select ‘close window’… That will then refresh the MM screen and take you back to your MM.

  • @johnnyboy Thank you very much! I’ll try that :-)

  • Module Developer

    @enith2478 Going to give you a quick reply here … I’m on my way to my families as it’s Easter Holiday… so here goes…

    If you’re using a Raspberry pi just hit the ALT key and a menu will pop up at the top… "File->exit"
    you can exit that way…

    “How can I download my own repository?” -> go read up on github that will help you… it’s usually git clone or you can just use a browser to go to github and choose ‘download’.

    As for changes… I wouldn’t suggest that because if there’s an update to MM all your changes will be gone. Not really sure what you’re trying to do here your information is very vague.

    At any rate, hope that helps… I’m off to eat dinner with the family.

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